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Our governance model is broken. We live in a ‘systemocracy’, a world of massive inter-dependency, yet we are holding on to 19th century versions of governance. This creates the illusion of sovereignty and supremacy, acting as a denial of the complexity we must confront.
— Indy Johar

From governance to accounting, regulation to radically redesigning policy fit for the 21st century, much of the heavy lifting of innovation in this era will be about the dark matter - the boring revolution of reinventing our institutional infrastructure, fit for the 21st century.

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Accounting for the Future

Redesign our accounting systems to account for future liabilities, reimagining our institutional infrastructure for the state to account for its long term future costs and liabilities, shifting from organisation and institutional balance sheets to system balance sheets. Reinvent commissioning and procurement focusing on a movement of actors collaboratively driving outcomes. Inspired by Dark Matter Laboratories.


Office for Regulatory Experiments

Cities, as places of massive regulatory intersection, present themselves as crucial landscapes for developing the future of public interest governance and institution regulatory infrastructure through place-based regulatory innovation and development of new public “Offices for Regulatory Experimentation”.

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Mission Capital

As the existential threats to our civilization mount, we are reduced to political tinkering such as removing single use straws whilst literally the world burns. Mission capital is required for real moonshots and missions, not only a new public funding formula, but a new political and civic imagination. Inspired by Mariana Mazzucato.


Distributed Governance not Government

Unlocking new technologies for devolution and decentralisation of one of the most centralised countries in the world.



Experiment with a new ‘metrics lab’ tasked with understanding successful examples of social impact bonds and what’s next after them, whilst also testing innovative models of cross-sector financing, linking cost savings across multiple departments of local government. This would move us away from individual unit savings, or savings within a single service, embedding KPIs that began to test how we can fundamental revalue care in our society.

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HR Care Contracts

Imagine if HR contracts invited people to care rather than simply trying to manage future risk associated with human failure, or protected employers from worst case scenarios. We need a series of mini trials where HR contracts are designed to unlock people to do their very work.