System Investments

The nature of wicked challenges we face means there are no silver bullet solutions to fix multi-dimensional problems. During the workshop we invited participants to share ideas for improving children's outcomes in the city. We have mapped these ideas together here.


This map, itself an idea from one of the Lab participants Abigail inspired by Adam Groves' work. It does not rank ideas in terms of individual impact instead it illustrate the breadth of different interventions needed to have a collective impact and the portfolio of investments which are needed. 

Each idea has a different timescales of application (X-axis) and a system leverage area that it works on (Y-axis). We have organised the ideas into ten areas for investment and clicking on an idea will show some more information and links to existing versions. We have also indicated who we feel is best placed initiate each idea. The can zoom in and out of the map using the scroll function.

The system leverage points are drawn from Donella Meadows' work on The Twelve Leverage Points. Meadows, who a systems analysis expert, observed the nature of complex systems creates a scale of places to intervene in order to impact on the system. 

10 investment areas graphic.png