Our ongoing research combines practical work with children and families with system, desk-based research and ethnographic studies. Much of this data has been visualised through system maps and case studies, which were developed during the systems design lab event. These maps and case studies are made made available here as open resources along with some of the interview tools and methods we used in the process.


Systems Research

Working with Dark Matter Labs, our systems research maps risk factors and narratives around the childhood environment from research and literature all over the world and the expertise of collaborators who participated in the Systems Design Lab event.

ethnographic research.jpg

Ethnographic Research

#RadicalChildcare ethnography provides rich detailed stories to help illuminate, and critically interact with the systems mapping of factors that impact upon child outcomes. These cultural portraits zoom into the lived experiences, aspirations, social norms, values, decision making architecture and motivations of a range of parents/carers and children.


Open Resources

Access a folder full of our open resources including all Systems Map, research, infographics and design tools we used in the Systems Lab