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We’re dealing with 18th century institutions
in a 21st century world.
— Marco Steinberg

Many of our existing institutions are no longer fit for purpose, because they are largely built on 18th century industrial principles of driving efficiency of outputs over the flourishing of human beings. We need to build and reimagine new institutions fit for the 21st Century that support the needs, rights and future opportunities for 21st century children and families.

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Community and Restorative Justice

Building new institutions that focus on restorative justice, rehabilitation, keeping as many families together for as long as possible as well as sending as few children into institutions as possible. Inspired by Norway and UK Community Justice Panel Trials.


Anti-Ableism Agency

New service department dedicated to driving forward rights of all children and families, focused on investing in and centring leadership of neurodiverse and disabled citizens in the building of our cities. Ensuring all new physical development, services and institutions are co-led and designed by citizens with lived experience of neurodiversity and disability. Inspired by Spectra Arts.


21st Century Library & Children’s Centres

Reinvestment in libraries as core infrastructure for neighbourhoods across the county, multi-purpose spaces that take the best of dwindling institutions and create new places of learning, connection and support.


Intergenerational Institutions

Multi-use, intergenerational spaces across all new neighbourhoods and developments, with intergenerational developments for children and older people in every city. Inspired by Old People's Home for 4 Year Olds and Seattle Intergenerational Centre.

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Superhero Schools

After school clubs with a difference, selling superhero supplies and putting local creatives together with children. One project from the Brooklyn saw a team learn about superfoods, the history, process and potential recipes that use them, so that they can share healthy eating practices with their families and friends. Inspired by Superhero School, Brooklyn.


Parents and Children's Union

A parents and childrens union working together to collectively to galvanise around the rights of children and families. Inspired by Parents Union.