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The time has passed when a few influential people could gather in a room to decide what a city will be. Instead, a city’s future is determined by hundreds of actions taken daily by thousands of people based on what they believe about a city’s future and their role in it.
— Carol Coletta, The Kresge Foundation

Making the neighbourhood a child first interaction with a true platform for lifelong learning by design, enabling them to learn at every turn, from direct to oblique proven interventions.


Participatory City

UK trial of Participatory City’s ‘Everyone Everyday’ across all core cities, to create the conditions for a participatory culture in the UK, scaling up existing community energy, learning / sharing spaces and assets. Inspired by Participatory City and Everyone Everyday.


Parent-Teacher Club

Removing mandatory assessment at primary age to make space for parent-teacher clubs in every primary school across the country. Parent-teacher interaction has been widely researched and shown to be one of the fundamental indicators in outcomes for children.

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Procurement Panels

Children and family procurement panel to allow revolving, representative, dynamic panels of children and families to make decisions on public procurement that affect them. When Helsinki procured its public bike sharing system after an initial failed attempt in 2010, 30 citizens were involved in the new process.

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Children’s Participatory Budgeting

Experiments in how can children be involved in decisions about public expenditure in ways that are effective, inclusive and impactful in their own cities and neighbourhoods. Inspired by Child in the City.


The Right to Breakfast

Free breakfast clubs in every school, nursery and workplace throughout life.


School Grounds as Neighbourhood Asset

See neighbourhood school playgrounds and outdoor spaces as assets, so that when schools are closed they can be utilised as a community learning asset. Inspired by Paris.


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