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It’s a privilege to be with children during their early years. All too often children are seen as units to be looked after, but we must not ignore their humanity.
— Chris Pascal, CREC

For too long children have been seen as citizens in waiting, or economic units in training. It’s time to invest in the agency of children to truly be co-creators and architects of the world around them. Children are citizens of the present, as well as the future. Instead of always asking what they want to be, we need to celebrate their talents and interests, respect and listen to their decisions and opinions, embrace their skills, and design for and with who they are.


Children’s Government

Existing departments for Children, Young People & Families run by children, young people and families. A vote for children during local elections to have a say on choices that affect them, holding the adults around them to account.


Capital of Children

A Capital of Children in every country; a place where children can develop through play and become creative citizens of the world. A place to encourage children's experimentation, creativity and physical expression through adventures in learning.

Inspired by Billund, Capital of Children, Denmark


City Children’s Charter

A new legal framework that makes every citizen of Birmingham an ‘In Loco Parenti’ - a part parent, with outcomes ranging from a symbolic gesture of collective responsibility for every city child to new distributed legal status and accountability for children.

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Children’s Mayor

Every city or region to have a designated children’s mayor, advocating for the rights and future of children, with a significant ring-fenced budget.

Inspired by Kid President.

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Representation in Children’s Books

Inspired by research and #1000BlackGirlBooks, invest in children and authors producing children's books about the characters that inspire and ensure children can see themselves in the future of their places as protagonists.


Children and Families Visible in Place Leadership

Inspired by the New Zealand president and many other pioneers, parents and families challenging the status quo, ensure at all levels of office and leadership of places, children and families are more visible.


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