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Children are an indicator species for cities. The visible presence of children and youth of different ages and backgrounds, with and without their parents, in numbers, is a sign of the health of human habitats.
— Mayor of Bogata

We need to invest in a built environment that creates the fundamental conditions for advancing the human condition, building cities that are for all citizens, children and families to flourish and thrive and where as much of the power to create those places is distributed to the most amount of people.


Car-free City

Walking, cycling and public transport first city, with free car parking only for blue badge holders and subsidy of cars to be stopped. As we are so far behind most global cities, a starting point for Birmingham triallng car-free Sundays.


Trauma-informed City

To have a city that allows us to understand and mitigate the impacts of trauma on children and wider citizens, and to design in compassion across all aspects of society, from education and policy to public spaces and new developments. Inspired by Philadelphia.


Car-free Zones Around Schools

Experiment and pilot car-free zones around city schools with high levels of air pollution at school run times, 8am-9am and 3pm-4pm, coupled with a national campaign on the effects of air pollution on children, in a similar way to education around smoking.


Child Friendly Neighbourhoods

We don’t need to reinvent the wheel. There is already world-class work, experimentation and research that we need to start building on, implementing and legislating immediately into new developments. Key Ideas: Cities Alive: Urban Childhoods, Urban95, Playing Out, Parklets, Pop Up Parks, 880 Cities.



Unlock underutilised land in cities to create mini urban wildernesses for play, exploration and adventure. Just as the 2018 Mayor’s Community Weekend in the region offered £500 for community events, we propose an event that grants small funds to allow communities to experiment with small plots of land and underutilised space in their neighbourhoods as part of DemoDev.

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Birmingham Breastfeeding Project

Public spaces to celebrate and normalise breastfeeding, making safe, nurturing environments, removing stigma and adopting culturally sensitive approaches to breastfeeding of children.